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India: Man shoots dancer at wedding

In India a dancer who was performing at a wedding was shot in the face.

At one point the woman stopped dancing because she had hurt her leg, upon which one of the guests took out a firearm and shot her in the face. In the video which has gone viral, the woman can be seen as she stops dancing, a gunshot is heard, and the woman falls to the ground holding her face.

It appears that the Police have identified the shooter but he has not yet been caught.

The case happened on 1 December but it only came out into the open a few days later when the video started being shared on social media.

In India it is normal for guests to carry a gun to shoot into the air as part of the celebrations. However, an incident such as this is rare. The last case was in 2016 when a pregnant woman was shot at for the same reason, because she had stopped dancing.

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