India to start vaccinating everyone above the age of 18

India has announced that it will start offering the Covid-19 vaccine to anyone aged 18 or over, even though there are still doubts about whether there will be enough vaccines for everyone.

The country is currently on its knees with the sheer amount of new infections, and the capital city Delhi is in lockdown. In the last five days India has been reporting 200,000 cases a day, which is more than double the number of daily cases registered last year at the height of the pandemic.

While the country is currently vaccinating frontliners and those over the age of 45, from 1 May the vaccination program will be extended to all adults.

However, it is reported that a number of vaccination centers have had to close due to insufficient doses, especially in the state most affected by the pandemic – Maharashtra.

So far the vaccination process has been led by the federal government, but now the government has said it is changing the rules to oblige vaccine-producing companies to give half the doses to the central government, and the rest to state governments and the open market at a pre-agreed price.