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India: Turning point in case of 10-year old girl who gave birth

A turning point in the case which this summer shocked the world when a 10-year girl in India was hospitalised with stomach pain and doctors discovered she was pregnant.

The girl’s uncle was accused with raping the girl, however genetic tests carried out on the girl’s baby showed that he is not the baby’s father.

Indian investigators now face the dilemma to establish who else had sexual relations with the girl, as everything had indicated that the uncle was the responsible person.

The girl had described clearly the months long abuse and had only mentioned her uncle in the case. Although he made no official statement, the girl’s parents said that he had admitted the rape.

When the girl’s parents were aware of her pregnancy they wanted her to have an abortion, but were refused permission by an Indian Court as the pregnancy was at an advanced stage. The born baby will be given for adoption as the girl’s family is refusing to accept the baby.