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Influencers offered substantial sums of money for sex

Those known as social media influencers are being offered thousands of money for sex. Reports in the international media said that social media, especially Instagram, is serving as a catalogue for men to choose the woman they want.

Tyne-Lexy Clarson, one of these influencers said that she has often received these type of messages. She said that at the age of 19, she was offered £20,000 to have dinner and drinks with someone.

However, after she took part in the second edition of the programme Love Island she received an email from an agency which offered her £50,000 for five nights in Dubai. She was even asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which bound her not to say anything about what she did there.

Clarson said that she turned down the offer, however she is afraid that influencers who are not doing well and who do not receive the luxurious items they have been advertising might fall for these type of offers. She added that this is a lot of money for some people which could change their life.

Rosie Williams, another influencer who took part in the third edition of Love Island, said that she was offered £100,000 a year,  as well as all her clothes and bags, to be the partner of a man in Dubai.

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