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Infrastructure Malta amends Central Link Project plans

Infrastructure Malta has paid heed to the complaints of Attard residents and has again amended the Central Link Project to continue reducing traffic inconvenience for the residents in an area necessitating the reduction of traffic congestion in this central part of Malta.

In a comment to Television Malta, Infrastructure Malta CEO, Engineer Frederick Azzopardi said that as a result of these changes the carriageway leading to Ta’ Qali and other localities will be distanced from residential homes, a road that leads from Mrieħel to Ta’ Qali.

Engineer Azzopardi explained the road will pass Attard outskirts and will be distanced from residences and will include a cycle lane in the service road at the upper end and will levels further down and will therefore have less impact on nearby residents.

He said the lane for cyclists will be the longest one in Malta and the whole project will decrease travel time and provide greater security for cyclists and pedestrians.

In the area of traffic lights near MFSA it is currently impossible to cross the road but this will have an underpass for people coming from Birkirkara and Balzan who want to cross and those who use pavements and the cycle lane will be able to do so without any danger.

The Project is currently before the Planning Authority and will cover four kilometres of roads and should be completed in less than two years after permission has been obtained from the Authority.


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