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Inhalers are also polluting the air

Many of the inhalers which are being used for asthma are contributing to greenhouse emissions. This was stated by Cambridge University, who studies the inhalers offered by the health services in the UK.

It was found that 7 out of every ten inhalers given to patients have the gas hydrofluoralkane which is used to spray the medicine from the inhaler and is one of the gasses which affect the climate.

The alternatives are what are known as ‘dry powder inhalers’, and if a person uses them they are calculated to save between 150kg and 400kg of carbon dioxide per year.

This amount of carbon dioxide is equivalent to what is reduced when one stops eating meat and becomes vegetarian.

While urging patients to check with their doctors about whether they can switch to inhalers which do not cause damage to the environment, researchers said that not every patient can make this switch and no one should feel that they are doing anything wrong by not changing their medicine.