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Inmate recounts difficult crime life, says he has nothing to be shamed of now that he embarked on the right track

An inmate who is serving his last year in prison in a RISe foundation program, stated that he is eager for a new life once that his name will no longer appear in Corradino’s facility.

Louis Mallia spent seventeen years in prison and tried to commit suicide because, he recounted, drugs did not leave him any window open to proceed in life.

Mallia accepted to recount his story because he said that once he wasn’t ashamed for his past actions, he doesn’t feel not to tell all now that he embarked on the right track.

52-year old Louis Mallia was brought up in an institute; he sought bad company at school….which led him to drug addiction. At 17, he was imprisoned for the first time.

“I had no veines….I cut here to have veines; I did these things as I was desperate”.

Mallia says he used to commit theft to sustain the addiction; spent a lot of money for the drugs and re-entered prison for his crimes. “I used to take drugs even here. In fact, they  operated me and removed a part of my brain”.

He also tried to commit suicide. “I thank God, for example, that they were aware I will do something wrong. They knew because I had declared so. I remember the day and time”.

The man has now been free from drugs for seven years, and is determined to continue in the right road. “I want to continue….they may be doors because I will open them for certain”.

He says that he thanks God for not having children “because I do not want them worse than myself”.

Through the RISe foundation he is doing voluntary work with the Franciscan kitchen in Valletta on a full-time basis where meals are provided to vulnerable persons.

Patri Marcellino Micallef, the director of the Franciscan kitchen, said “He is a person who judges no one, but wants to assist everyone”.

Louis Mallia sends a message: “Well, when I was in that life, everyone pictured me in the news as I was arraigned in court. Now that I am on a good road, why should I be ashamed?”