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Inmates at Corradino resort to Skype links to speak with relatives

Skype communication was introduced last week at the prison so that inmates may have limited contact with relatives. The measure compensates the decision taken by prison authorities to ban relatives from visiting prisoners due to the Coronavirus spread.

With a prison population of 1,200, between prisoners and workers, the biggest concentration of persons is at Paola, while others are at the Mount Carmel section and young prisoners at Imtaħleb.

The Agency for Corrective Services’ chief executive, Colonel Alexander Dalli, said that new prisoners are being kept at a place outside the prison.

“Since the pandemic emerged we had some 15 newly admitted cases at the prison. We are keeping them in a place outside prison, they do 15 days of quarantine and then we bring them inside the prison”.

The Corradino Facility’s outside contacts have diminished and the prison is avoiding depending so much on other services. The agency now has a fire-engine and trained officials in its use. Vehicles entering the facility to provide essential products are being disinfected and washing of clothes is being done at the facility. Together with telephone calls, inmates are keeping contact with relatives through skype links while ensuring the observance of prison regulations.

Mr Dalli said that last week some 150 prisoners used the skype communication. He said that the contingency plan started with educational initiatives to inmates and workers, purchasing protective gear, more emphasis on cleanliness, while work routine was introduced since the emergence of the pandemic.

In case of symptoms, prisoners are referred to the prison doctors. Colonel Dalli confirmed that no prisoner or worker have till now resulted positive to Covid-19. He said that the plan also caters for the eventuality of the virus emergence in prison, with a separate section being prepared as a small hospital with around 20 beds while an ambulance is at the prison’s disposition.