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Inspector Arnaud testifies about telephone tapping in court case opened by George Degiorgio

Inspector Keith Arnaud, the main investigator in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation said that the tapping of telephones by the Secret Services was used to gather intelligence to help the Police understand the evidence which provided a basis for a strong case.

Inspector Arnaud was testifying in the Constitutional case which is being heard in front of Judge Toni Abela, opened by George Degorgio, one of the men accused of murdering Mrs Caruana Galizia, which is raising questions about the validity of the telephone tapping.

The prosecutor testified that evidence about the case was collected at the scene of the crime, together with forensic evidence and data which was collected by companies who provide data services.

Inspector Arnaud said that the FBI was crucial in identifying five mobile numbers, two of which had a direct connection with mobile phones which were used to trigger the bomb.