INTERVIEW: “Although I’m afraid of blood, I overcame my fear and went to help”

What is being considered as probably the worst accident during a mass event, involved one of the Supercars brought over specifically for this activity. The car, a Porsche 918 Spider, was being driven by its owner Paul Bailey who had an instructor with him. The accident took place at 2pm when Bailey, an experienced driver, lost control of the vehicle and crashed at full speed into a crowd which was there to watch the event. The accident, which happened in a split second, created a large-scale emergency situation because of the number of people injured, including children.

Although Adrian Paul Debono does not work with the emergency services, he still went to give immediate assistance, as he tells us in this feature.

Still shocked by what they had seen take place in front of their eyes, several people described the terrifying scene which had unfolded in front of them. They saw people thrown into the air with the impact and others crushed against parked cars.

Apart from the emergency services which were already on site, a number of ambulances and paramedics arrived to give First Aid. One injured person even had to be transported by helicopter. A call was made for doctors and nurses who might have been in the crowd to come forward to give assistance. The police controlled the situation as much as possible to allow the medical teams help those who had been injured.

Because of the accident, Paqpaqli għall-Istrina ended abruptly and the organisers began to urge people to leave the area. President Marie Louise Coliero Preca who earlier had opened the event, expressed her solidarity with the victims of the accident and even cancelled her trip to London where she was due to visit Maltese patients who are currently being treated at UK hospitals.