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Interview with young woman infected by Coronavirus – She is using this time to bring others joy through music

“I did not just put my violin aside. I need it more than ever. This is a very important time for mental health. I know people who are in quarantine who are frustrated. My work has always been to make people happy. So I try to do the same thing now online, because all our shows have been cancelled. I am recording myself. I am uploading music on Spotify and iTunes. I am still teaching, thanks to Skype, and now I’ve begun doing something which people seem to enjoy. They send me a request – can you play me a song for my boyfriend or my loved ones? – and I send them a video dedicated to them. I hope that I am doing my part in this atmosphere of panic.”

This was the reply given by Nadine Galea, a despite her young age has already made a name for herself as a professional musician, when she was asked whether she has abandoned her instrument and how she is spending her time at home now that she has the virus.

“Even if you are not showing any symptoms. Stay inside. Pretend that you have them.”

Nadine Galea’s appeal is to stay away from those who are vulnerable because you may be simply a carrier,  without knowing that you have it. She is one of these people and when her friends, who are doctors, told her to pretend as if she had the virus, she told them that she felt nothing. She says that thank God she listened to them and went to do a swab test.

Nadine arrived back in Malta from London on 23 March. She has been confirmed positive for the last 8 days since Thursday 2 April.  These are some excerpts from the interview which was shown last night on DISSETT on Television Malta.

“From the airport I went straight into quarantine. I rented a place so as not to put my family at risk in case I had something. My friend are doctors and they immediately convinced me that I might have the Coronavirus without symptoms. At first I thought they were exaggerating to be honest, but now I realise they were right.”

“On the first day I woke up covered with sweat, and imagining that I had fever. Then I thought to myself, I’m in a new place, I have jet lag it’s probably nothing. My friends told me that I might have had a fever. Then I started coughing slightly. I remained in quarantine and did not go out. In fact, my parents bring me food behind the door, I wait for them to get into their car and then I go out for the food.”

“I experienced night sweats twice, the first two nights I was back in Malta.  Then all I had was a slight cough. My friends informed me that even if it is just a cough, one could get a swab test. At first I thought they would not test me with just a cough, but I went even to put my own mind at rest, so that when the quarantine is over and I go back home to my parents I won’t have anything. I went for the test, and that same day they phoned me to tell me I had tested positive.”

“So far I have not had to be hospitalised. The symptoms have not worsened. I still have a slight cough and I feel tired. My breathing is OK for now. That is why this virus is so worrying because you think you are fine if you are not affected. If my friends were not doctors I would not have been so careful not to have any contact with others.”

“A doctor from the health services calls me daily to see whether the symptoms have changed. They are taking very good care of me.”

Who is Nadine Galea?

She is from Birkirkara. At the age of 16, she began studying music in Italy and two years later she went to London. She studied for six years at the Royal College of Music where she obtained her Bachelors and Masters degrees, and today she works a a professional violinist. She is based in London and works internationally. Some examples: she has performed at Madonna’s house, for, Louisa Johnson on The X Factor, for Prince William and Kate Middleton, she accompanied tenor Joseph Calleja and as a soloist with the UN orchestra. Two years ago she was one of seven professional musicians who performed at Buckingham Palace in front of Queen Elizabeth II and heads of the Commonwealth during the CHOGM opening ceremony.