Intolerance in food: milk is among the most intolerant products

As countries are today celebrating World Food Day, food was the centre of a discussion on Thursday evening during ‘Popolin’ programme. Food intolerance issue was analysed as the subject is becoming more popular among other issues.

Medical scientist George Grech said that intolerance may appear from child birth and it may also develop during the years. The most common intolerance concerns milk protein and flour.

Asked by the programme’s presenter Quinton Scerri about the difference between an allergy and intolerance, Grech stated that allergy occurs when the body consumes a product that creates a medical reaction and the body starts producing antibodies to combat the allergy. Many times, the allergy needs immediate medical assistance. On the other hand, intolerance is detected gradually, it creates an element of discomfort and needs certain change in the food to be consumed and the person’s lifestyle.

Asked about the reason of the change in the results of intolerance test on the same person, Grech said it is fundamental that when a person is tested, the individual considers the quality of the test, that it is medically approved by the authorities concerned because the person will rest his/her mind of having a high quality test which produces valid and real results.