Investment of €2.6million in Attard botanic garden

Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes has inaugurated the new botanic garden named ‘Ġnien il-Pjanti Maltin’ in Attard. The main aim of this project is research and the conservation of plants and local trees.

With an investment of €2.6 million, most of which are European funds, Attard will now have a garden which will not only serve to carry out research on endemic plants, but will later this year be opened to the public. This project called ‘Studio, Konservazzjoni Sostenibbli ta’ Varjetajiet ta’ Pjanti Lokali,’ (Study and sustainable conservation of various local plants)  will also include a garden equipped as a visitors’ centre. This centre is divided into five parts where plants, herbs and trees, such as citrus trees, are being cultivated, to promote Maltese indigenous plants and to conserve them for the future. The botanic garden is spread over 4,000 metres squared and is also equipped with a conference room, educational facilities and even new laboratories where apart from experiments and research, information is being gathered about the plants being studied. The Director General for Plant Protection, Dr Marika Gatt, said that this garden is equipped with everything required for the country to honour its international obligations.


Speaking during the inauguration of this garden, the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Agriculture, Roderick Galdes said that the centre includes educational, agricultural and even conservational aspects and that the Government was planning to plant more fig trees. He said that at this centre for the biotechnology of plants, seeds are being tested and research carried out on the species of indigenous plants which are at risk of becoming completely extinct.

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