Investment of €90,000 to upgrade area in Xemxija

A project has been inaugurated at Xemxija to improve and upgrade the area known as Tal-Fekruna, with an investment of €90,000 by the Government

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Joe Mizzi said that through this project, the public has been given back a public space which up until a few years ago was just an abandoned piece of land which was open to all sorts of abuse.  He thanked the staff at the Department of Works who worked on the project. He appealed to the public to make use of the place in a responsible way.

The architect responsible for the project, Marianne Camilleri, explained that the first phase of the project consists of the removal and dredging of old material so that pathways and new access points could be put into place. Another important phase at this stage was the treatment of the existing pier while work was carried out to make everywhere completely accessible, especially the promenade. Apart from this, new steps were built to provide safe access to the area, as before it could not be easily reached and was very risky.

As this area is very popular with divers, it was important for them to have safe, proper access. Important works were therefore carried out for this purpose, including the steps which will now allow divers to go down to the sea easily. Steel railings were also installed around the water’s edge

This project has also upgraded the look of this area, with large rocks around the perimeter of the pier. while a number of indigenous trees, plants and bushes have also been planted.

For more safety and to give the area a different appearance at night, a new lighting system has been installed using street lamps and other lights, especially along the road, the pathway and the main steps which lead down to the lower half of the project.