Investments by Consolidated Biscuit and Techniplast to improve their operations

Two local companies Consolidated Biscuit and Techniplast have carried out investments to improve their operations. Consolidated Biscuit is investing €3 million in a new factory at Imrieħel, while Techniplast is carrying out a regeneration plan to keep its business alive.

The Minister of the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri, explained that this investment is being carried out with the help of Indis Malta. He said that the new factory, spread over 3,000 square metres, will be joined to the logistics centre through an underground tunnel.

The General Manager Robert Ellul, said that over the last five years, the company has invested a further €6 million in a new production line for biscuits, in training, research and innovation, and a new logistics centre.

”It is fundamental to continue to rise to challenges.  We were affected more by Brexit than by the pandemic, however with the investments we are making we are becoming more competitive for the export market and we are also investing ini new products.”

Mr Ellul said that the company today is exporting to 25 countries. He said that with the help of TradeMalta, at the end of this year, it will start suppling to the largest supermarket chain in the Middle East.

Consolidated Biscuit was set up 40 years ago and today employs more than 150 people, with a plan to employ even more.

Meanwhile, Techniplast which is located at the Kordin industrial zone, has invested around €100,000 in new equipment which consumes less energy – with the aim of improving the efficiency of the company which produces components for various sectors, including the electronic, medical and construction industries.

The Managing Director Alan Cocks, explained that this forms part of the process of restructuring which is taking place to increase productivity and reduce expenses.

”This is being done by carrying out an energy performance audit which will give us the possibility of identifying where we should make certain investments which will eventually give us the highest return in order to then inject them back into the company itself.”

He added that this process is being facilitated with the help of Malta Enterprise.

The Minister responsible for Enterprise and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli, said that this company was crucial in the pandemic because it manufactured bottles for hand sanitisers which were being made by Maltese companies when there was a shortage. She urged local enterprises and businesses to use the schemes available from Malta Enterprise in their recovery plans during this pandemic.

Techniplast was set up in the 70s and employs around 20 people, many of them technicians.