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Remanded under arrest after accusation of aggravated theft

Sean Grech, a 29 year old man from Cospicua, was remanded under arrest after being arraigned in Court and accused of aggravated theft from the residence of an elderly man in Cospicua.

The 71-year-old man suffered nasal damages. It was testified in Court the elderly man was asleep when he heard a noise and awoke to find the aggressor in his residence and the aggressor punched him in the nose.

Grech was accused of having grievously injured the elderly man, of detaining him against his will, of being a repeat offender as well as breaching a Probation Order. The Prosecution alleged that Grech had stolen gold objects valued at over €2,300.

Grech entered a plea of not guilty but Magistrate Joe Mifsud rejected his request for bail.