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Domestic violence awareness raised by “Russian Roulette”

Amber and Pamela have launched their own version of the song “Russian Roulette”; this is a project in collaboration with The Marcy Foundation and is aimed at raising greater awareness of the problem of domestic violence.

Although over many years they have worked together on various projects, this is the first time that Amber and Pamela have actually recorded a duet together.

The theme of the video gives a clear picture of domestic violence and how this can affect women as well as men. It is not easy to emerge from such a situation and this unfortunately often develops into a struggle between life and death.

The Marcy Foundation is a Foundation that is managed by Cliff Zammit Stevens in memory of his mother Marcelline, and puts emphasis on every kind of abuse.

The musical video’s creative production is the work of Olwyn Jo, with musical production by WickedandLoud.

Russian Roulette: Amber & Pamela

“I’m terrified but I'm not leaving…” Russian Roulette lyrics, speak about a dangerous relationship, and we decided to produce our version of this song with the aim to raise more awareness. Pamela Bezzina and myself have teamed up with the The Marcy Foundation for this cause in order help STOP domestic abuse, understand the victims and be more aware of the fact that BOTH men and women suffer from domestic violence. We've all heard of cases of domestic violence, some even end up being fatal. It's sad to know that many people in this day and age are still suffering from domestic abuse be it physical or mental. It takes courage and strength for someone to move out of an abusive relationship, it might not be easy to pack up and leave, as if there is no beyond… BUT there is. Beyond there is a life that a person deserves to live.. Happy and Safe!Never be ashamed. Your life is far more precious.REPORT ANY CASES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! SPEAK UP!!#domesticviolence #abuse #domesticabuse #emotionalabuse #narcissist #domesticviolenceawareness #survivor #love #metoo #ptsd #trauma #psychologicalabuse #verbalabuse #toxicrelationships #domesticviolencesurvivor #stoptheviolence #endthestigmaCredits: Creative Director / Music Video by Olwyn Jo Olwyn JoMusic Production by Elton Zarb WickedandLoudActors Edward Pullicino Marilyn GrassoLocation thanks to Paul Paul TargetActors Makeup by Karen Schembri GrimaHair by Vigorous – power to your hair Gold Fever Hair Extensions MaltaMake up by Shasha FabriNails by Charlotte Cordina

Gepostet von Amber am Dienstag, 2. April 2019

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