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UN Representative to Libya in Malta – maintains his commitment to a political solution in Libya

Just a few days after the killing of three of his Security Guards in Benghazi, the UN Special Representative to Libya, Ghassam Salame, was in Malta accompanied by new Security Guards while he also held discussions with Foreign Affairs Minister, Carmelo Abela.

Addressing a media conference, Salame and Minister Abela maintained their commitment to finding a solution to Libyan conflicts. They said there is no alternative and this may only be achieved by discussions around a conference table.

Facing the most difficult mission of bridging the difference between rival Libyan leaders, Salame said he was not downhearted that the leaders will once more decide to return to negotiations. Replying to questions by TVM, the UN Representative responded that the negotiations that had started in April had started bearing results and although he did not mention General Haftar who started an offensive on Tripoli in April, he stated there were those who had created divisions in the negotiations.

Salame said the Libyan situation cannot be solved by the use of arms and he expressed his confidence that in the near future Libyan leaders will realise this.

He said he knew of Malta’s closeness to Libya and he knows that Malta has spoken in EU forums in favour of finding a Libyan solution. Minister Abela said Malta supports the UN initiative to restore peace and stability to Libya.

Asked about security and immigration problems, Salame said he cannot proclaim Libya to be a secure country. Regarding immigration, he noted that fewer immigrants are departing from Libya and although the situation is far from being satisfactory, he said that Libyan authorities are making greater efforts than before to address the problem.

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