Ira: “We did it and now I’m looking forward to another final” – reveals she is having a boy

In her first reaction after she obtained her place in the Eurovision Song Contest finals on Saturday, Ira Losco said she is now looking forward towards taking part in another final with all the preparation that entails.

The Maltese singer, who on Sunday confirmed that she is having a baby, on Tuesday evening also announced that she and her boyfriend Sean Gravina are expecting a boy when questioned about it by the Estonian media. “This is my first child, so I have double the excitement”, said Ira shortly before taking part in a press conference.

In a message to the Maltese public, Iraq thanked everyone for their support, “I think your hearts must have been beating wildly, like mine was, but now we will start preparing for the finals,” said Ira who was met with shouts of “Ira, Ira” by many of her Maltese admirers who came to Stockholm to give their support.