Regeneration of the San Mikiel Bastions and a new belvedere for Senglea

The Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation has completed restoration works on the San Mikiel Bastions and a new belvedere for Senglea.

The restoration works included 4,500 square metres of wall fortifications, the restoration of the iconic Clock and the tal-Gardjola Tower, a new lighting system and a new belvedere.

The San Mikiel Belvedere Bastions will be accessible to the public and when works are completed this historic locality may be enjoyed by the public and visiting tourists.

Clive Pulis, the Mayor of Senglea, aid this is merely the start of the regeneration process and has made the wishes of the local residents.

He said the second phase after the entrance to Senglea will be the paving of Mitrovich Square and changes will be affected to the bowling pitch from what it is at present as this will be modernised while the square will be more accessible to persons with disabilities who will be able to visit the belvedere and enjoy the surroundings.

The Minister for Transport and The Infrastructure, Ian Borg, said the Government is not only investing in roads but also in the conservation of the country’s heritage like this project spread around the Grand Harbour as well as various bastions and buildings.

He said this is an investment that has been made by the Regeneration Corporation to provide Senglea with a more embellished appearance and create more open public spaces. Works are to commence around Kalkara, Pietà Msida.

Minister Borg said the investment of €1.8 million in this first phase will in future provide a belvedere for all.

Present for the inauguration there was the Chairman and also the Executive Head of the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC), Anthony Agius Decelis and Gino Cauchi respectively.