Is it fair for a child to be registered in the name of one parent?

How fair is it for a child to be registered in the name of one parent, especially in cases where the mother is aware of who the father is? Popolin explored the social benefits associated with single-parent infants, and discussed what led to an increase in the practice.

Kirsten Ancilleri, a guest during the program, spoke about the fact that when a mother registers a person as the baby’s father, she is creating a logistical problem on the same baby, because if for instance she want to travel abroad or even enrol the child at a childcare centre she would thereafter need the consent and signature of the father. Ancilleri explained that this fact was causing more mothers to choose to register their babies as having ‘unknown fathers’ so that in addition to receiving a better financial benefit, they also reduced logistical problems that could arise in the future; “I’m definitely against abuse, but it’s not always a case of abuse.”

She added that there were several genuine cases and many of these mothers had the added problem of the baby’s father not wanting to pay maintenance, so they did not want added logistical problems.