Is it still worth the trouble to be a fisherman?

The fisheries sector in Malta and the obstacles that fishermen face were discussed during ‘Popolin’ programme. One of the program’s guest was veteran fisherman Toni Carabott, who is also the founder of the Fisheries Cooperative in Malta.

Carabott said that he is concerned when he sees the Maltese buying more foreign imported fish than the local product. Asked by the presenter if it is still worth the trouble for a fisherman to continue working in the sector, Carabott reiterated that “if you speak to certain fishermen, there are those who seem in dire straits, but this is not the case. My grandfather, my father, I and my children have brought up our families through fishing”. He believes that a sense of grumbling exists among fishermen due to their culture. He works differently because he considers grumbling as a waste of energy.

Popolin also spoke to two brothers, both are fishermen. “Everything has sacrifices; sometimes it is bad or cold weather and in other occasions you catch nothing”. They consider fishing as something that they grew up with.

The two brothers also referred to new legislation which are being implemented. “We will consider them gradually; because there are always new laws and we are in the dark on their consequence.” They maintain that the Fisheries Department regulations work against fishermen and the cooperatives are not fighting for their rights.