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Italian Prime Minister Conte resigns

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte this afternoon announced his resignation as Prime Minister in a speech to the Senate outlining the current crisis facing the Italian coalition Government.

During a one-hour speech, Conte harshly criticised Interior Minister Matteo Salvini after the latter presented a no-confidence motion which led to the Italian political crisis.

Prime Minister Conte described Salvini’s actions as politically and culturally irresponsible that undermined the good work being done by the Italian Government.

Conte also expressed his concern that, instead of discussing in Parliament his political views on the situation, Salvini expressed himself in public and on the social media.

Referring to members of the Five Stars party, Prime Minister Conte called on them not to influence themselves by political surveys and instead to keep their feet on the ground because, he said, the country deserves people with a sense of responsibility and institutional sensibility.

As a result of the no-confidence motion and recent days manoeuvres, Conte presented his resignation to President Mattarella.

The crisis between the Five Stars party, led by Luigi di Maio and Salvini Lega party started fifteen days ago following a disagreement of the train pilot project in Turin-Lyon.


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