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Public Service now has three centres for remote working

As from today the Public Service has three sites in different places from where employees may work instead of having to travel to their office. During the inauguration of the first remote working space, the Permanent Principle Secretary, Mario Cutajar, said that by the end of the year it is planned the Public Service will have 15 such spaces throughout the country.

The facility in Santa Venera was designed distinctly for Public Service employees involved in remote working. Besides working from home, or going to their office, employees may now operate these well-equipped facilities. Remote workspaces, as such spaces are known, also address environmental factors because an employee may go to the nearest such space rather than having to go to their office.

So far, the three facilities are at Santa Venera, Birkirkara and Qormi.

While inaugurating the Santa Venera facility that can accommodate 35 employees at the same time, Mario Cutajar mentioned that all those at the Permanent Secretariat Office within the Ministry for Energy, are on remote working. The 250 employees may report at their chosen time on a 24/7 basis.

Cutajar explained that remote working has solved problems that employees were experiencing when working from home, such as internet connectivity.

Thus, he further explained, the 15 centres planned to be completed by year’s end will solve these and other problems. There are other aspects that have to be considered, such as training in new technology and further investment in technology such as in this pilot project.

Training modules are being considered for those that choose remote working as well as further policies to be introduced in this sector.