Is there a balance between investment in innovation and efforts to address poverty at global level?

In today’s world, major investments are made in innovation and research. ‘Popolin’ discussed research and innovation as well as investments to register progress in this sector. Is there a balance between the billions spent on innovation and the needs to better control poverty at a global level? UNICEF estimates that one million boys and girls worldwide are living in poverty.

We spoke with Xylon Bristow, a technology fanatic who pointed out that investment in technology can never be overdone, yet a balance should always be maintained between what is invested in this sector and other sectors which require the same amounts of attention: “Although this investment is needed as it can show us phenomenons which can help the human race in the future, you can never compare it with other world problems, such as poverty.” Bristow added that the need for balance is fundamental, as the same innovation can in the future be part of a solution to poverty.

Programme guest Robert Farrugia reiterated it is essential not to have an imbalance between ambition for more innovation and other fundamental problems which affect millions of humans. He added that this imbalance is frequently the result of the policies of the countries concerned, but this is not the only cause. Lack of education is a major contributor to the persistence of poverty in these localities. Farrugia added he is proud that investment made in a number of children in these poor communities years ago has today resulted in these same students becoming teachers and doctors and paying back the same community with their knowledge.

“Technology is of great help in this sector; however, it is important not to forget daily problems in order to increase the expenditure on innovations.”