Upgrading of 600 Government housing estates

Since 2017, over half of Government social accommodation blocks have been refurbished and upgraded, that is 600 blocks out of a total of 1,117. The Minister for Social Accommodation, Roderick Galdes, said that in this matter the Government’s electoral promise that all Government blocks be regenerated is reflected and acts as a measure to reinforce the strength of the community.

This means in over a three year period, 54% of the Government’s social accommodation blocks have been upgraded. Speaking in front of a block at Ħal Mula in Żebbuġ, Minister Galdes gave an account of the works of maintenance, regeneration of facades and common parts that have been carried out. He said that by the end of this year a further 61 blocks will undergo similar works while being financed from national funds and EU Funds.

Minister Galdes referred to the amount of calls received by the Housing Authority for such works to be carried out.

He said that on a daily basis, 200 such intervention calls are received and this was placing a burden on other Housing Authority waiting lists and it was therefore decided that a massive project be made that all of the Government’s blocks be treated because when the concrete structure begins to deteriorate this results in the whole of the block having to be greatly maintained.

The Minister also mentioned that through collaboration with Local Councils 146 blocks have seen the benefit of embellishment and improvement in common parts. He said that by the end of this year 112 similar blocks will also be treated. In recent months lifts have been installed in 38 blocks with accessibility being attained in 158 blocks by the end of next year.

Minister Galdes concluded this Government will spend €12 million on maintenance works, the greatest investment since 2017. Over and above the Housing Authority has gained EU Funds for a large number of lifts installations to enable greater accessibility.