Islamic Centre apologises to those offended by Msida public prayers

The Islamic Centre at Kordin said that recent developments regarding Muslims praying in public confirm the urgent need for another mosque for the Islamic community so that it can legally solve the problem of lack of space for Muslim prayers to be held.   At the same time, the Islamic Centre expressed its regret that MEPA has closed down several of its venues where prayers used to take place, as well as for the fact that the Islamic community had ended up praying out in the open air.

It added that while it believes that the prayers by Muslims in front of the Msida Church were not held intentionally to provoke and only took place to draw the attention of the authorities, the Islamic Centre still felt that it should apologise in the name of hte Islamic community to whoever felt offended by these public prayer meetings.

The Islamic Centre is led by Imam Mohammed El Sadi who said that he had followed the developments which have taken place over the last few weeks but had not taken a position because he had not been consulted either by the Government or the Council of Muslims in Malta which was organising the prayer meetings in Msida. He said that with dialogue one could find a way for the spiritual needs of the Muslim community to be met.

While thanking the Government for offering a temporary space at Ospizio, the Islamic Centre has called on a permanent solution because it has the impression that MEPA was going to continue closing the venues where Muslims gathered to pray, and therefore appealed to the Government to formulate a policy about this.

In the light of the recent developments, it also called on the need for the Islamic Centre to be confirmed as the main representative for the Islamic community Malta, because through a moderate approach, it had gained the respect of successive governments, the political parties as well as the Church.

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