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Islamic State militants escaped from prison during Turkish attacks

The first militants of the Islamic State have escaped from a prison they were held in by Kurdish militants in Syria.

The militants’ escape was expected as the Turkish offensive against Kurdish militants continues in northern Syria. Turkey is occupying Kurdish areas in order to establish a secure zone along its border.

The Kurds were an important ally for the United States in its fight against IS, however U.S. President Trump recently announced the withdrawal of American troops in the Kurdish areas – a move which prompted the Turkish offensive.

On Friday, five IS militants escaped from the Qamishli prison during a Turkish attack in the area as thousands of women, affiliated with IS at a camp in Syria, assaulted security officers and tried to escape.

Meanwhile, a car bomb exploded during the night in the Kasaka prison where many Islamic State militants are held. The Kurdish forces sent more fighters to avoid another escape.

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