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Israeli Knesset controversy over skirts that are ‘too short’

The Israeli Parliament, Knesset, has ended up in the middles of a controversy following a decision to enforce regulations on adequate wearing of clothes, particularly on women’s skirts.

The clothes wearing regulations were temporarily suspended after workers protested against the enforcement of the regulations some of which are vague and open to interpretation, such as the length of a skirt.

A number of female workers said they felt humiliated when a security officer requested them for inspecting the length of their skirt, while there were cases of women who were not allowed in the parliament’s building as their skirt was considered ‘too short’.

During Wednesday protest, women wore skirts above their knee to challenge the regulations, while one of the male deputies took off his jersey and complained that the women will next be asked to wear the burka.

The Knesset Speaker defended the regulations and denied that Parliament was introducing ‘taliban’ regulations, stating that they had been long in place and are being enforced following many complaints.

A committee, composed of male and female deputies, was appointed to re-evaluate the regulations on clothes.

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