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“It is a fundamental right for people to have roof over their heads” – Adrian Delia

The Leader of the Opposition, Adrian Delia said that for the PN, the fact that people have a roof over their head is a fundamental right which the Government should guarantee and make a priority.

During a political activity in San Gwann, Dr Delia said that the PN has been talking about social housing for months, describing it as an acute problem which was created by the Government itself and which will continue to grow with the policy it is pursuing.

He said that statistics show that the rate in which the population is growing is that of 8.2%. He added that this is taking place not because more babies are being born, but because the country is bringing more foreign workers to Malta.

Dr Delia criticised the Government because he said that this week it made a lot of statements including that pensions are at risk if more foreign workers do not come here and that salaries will not go up. It is estimated that within the next five years, foreign residents will increase by 60,000 and they have to live somewhere.

The Nationalist leader said that this week he visited St Paul’s Bay and saw that the school has 12 classes with 110 students who are being taught in containers because the school in Qawra, despite being promised for the last three years, is not yet ready.  He added that the PM justified this by saying that the containers are nicer than the classes themselves.

Dr Delia said that the Government is admitting that it has failed, that it has no solution and that the problem will continue to grow. He added that the Opposition is recognising the failure of the Government in each sector and is not just criticising but is using its time in Opposition and working on solutions which can work in a small country which has a limited amount of land.

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