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“It is ironic that they filed an application not to implement a law which they had voted in favour of ” – PM

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said it that it was ironic that Dr Simon Busuttil and Dr Jason Azzopardi had filed applications for the court to stop the appointment of three judges and three magistrates.

Today, at the Presidential Palace, three magistrates, Dr. Francesco Depasquale, Dr Joanne Vella Cuschieri and Dr Aaron Bugeja appointed judges and three lawyers Lia Nadine, Victor Axiak Bridget Sultana and appointed magistrates.

This morning the group Repubblika MT had requested the court to stop these appointments. Assisted by lawyers Jason Azzopardi and Simon Busuttil, the group said the government should take the advice of the Venice Commission experts and propose constitutional reforms to ensure that the new judges are selected by such a system in interest of democracy and independence of the judiciary.

In comments to the media, the Prime Minister said it was ironic that Dr Busuttil and Dr Azzopardi, who were part of the House of Representatives and who had voted in favor of the changes in the law, now did want to implement the law .

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