Children express their artistic skills in the virtual competition ‘Be The Artist’ by Heritage Malta

Currently at the National Arts Museum, Muża, there is an ongoing virtual competition exhibition entitled ‘Be The Artist’ designed for children by Heritage Malta. The Prime Minister’s wife, Dr Lydia Abela, said that during the pandemic period children have used their artistic skills and are thus proving inspirational for other children.

During the pandemic period, 250 boys and girls under the age of 16 took part in the virtual competition based on historical themes and were able to express their artistic skills through paintings and drawings as well as artistic creations in stone or cardboard. While commenting on the artistic creations they had presented, the children commented on their sadness that for months they have been separated from their school class friends. However, through arts they have been enabled to express their sorrows as well as being given an outlet for their artistic skills and talents.

Dr Lydia Abela visited the exhibition and spoke to participants and said that during the pandemic period children have been able to show colour and skills through they have presented the beauty of art. She urged children, together with their parents, to continue exploring the arts which spreads benefits to children as well as adults. The Minister for Art and National Heritage, Jose Herrera, said that Muża is welcoming the works of children because even though they are young are proving inspirational to others.

Heritage Malta CEO, Noel Zammit, announced the restart of the summer programme ‘Passport’ for Heritage Malta students which increases their access to natural heritage culture.

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