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“Our son is not a reminder of a trauma, but a gift; he didn’t rape me, he’s my son” – Jennifer Christie

More than three quarters of mothers of children conceived and born as a result of rape choose not to have an abortion, according to Jennifer Christie, herself a victim of rape who chose to bring up her son as one of her own brood.

Christie stated that “75 to 85% of mothers of children born as a result of rape say no to abortion when they have a choice. Rape is not the exception which opens the door to abortion. As far as we’re concerned, it is very simple: violence and trauma can never be cured by even more violence and trauma. What we are as humans can never be determined by the manner in which we are conceived.”

Jennifer and her husband Jeffrey are in Malta to take part in Sunday’s March for Life, being held in Valletta at 3.30 p.m. Participants will meet on the square in front of Castille, from where they will walk along Merchants Street, St John’s Street in front of St John’s Co-Cathedral, and Republic Street, ending up in front of the Parliament building.

The couple are in Malta to recount their story which, as Jennifer points out, is not unique. “This is not an exceptional story. Our son is not a reminder of a horrible trauma. He is a beautiful gift. He is a cure. He is not a son of the man who raped me; he is our son.  I am not a woman recounting one story, but I represent the great majority of mothers as a result of rape who find happiness in this cure after the trauma, through our children.”

Jeff adds that what took place was also not easy for him, but he had to restrain his emotions in order to be the rock and the emement of calm for her and for the family. He adds that Jennifer found assistance from Save the 1, an organisation led by Rebecca Kiesling, who had visited Malta two years ago for another event organised by Life Network Malta.

Jennifer also appealed to members of the medical profession not to assume that abortion is the ‘choice’ to address the ‘problem’. She urged all those in a similar situation to seek advice, available in Malta through Life Network Foundation Malta which offers a number of services through their site

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