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“It was a challenge to rescue the terrified animals from the fire”

The Director of the Department of Animal Welfare, Noel Montebello, has described the challenges faced by his staff to rescue the exotic animals which were trapped this morning when a large fire broke out at the Wildlife Park at Imtaħleb.

Mr Montebello explained how his department received a phone call at 6am, and how he immediately put an emergency team together who went on the scene where a co-ordinated operation began together with the Department of Civil Aviation.

While the Animal Welfare staff began rescuing the animals, the firemen tried to control the large flames. Thanks to this co-ordinated operation, tiger cubs, puppies and exotic animals, including birds, were rescued.

Mr Montebello described the rescue operation as a successful one, because although some animals died in the fire, others were saved despite the danger posed to the staff and the challenge of having to handle the terrified exotic animals.

He explained that the rescued animals will be examined to see if they are in good condition and will be rehomed at other locations.

The puppies which were rescued from the fire