Italian doctor who heads Milan hospital says virus is becoming weaker

The head of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, Alberto Zangrillo, has said that clinically the virus no longer exists in Italy. In an interview with RAI he said that swab tests taken over the last ten days show that the virus is weaker than it was a month and two months ago.

Italy has the third highest rate of deaths in Covid-19 in the world.  Since the Coronavirus broke out on 21 February,  33,415 people have died. Globally, Italy has the sixth highest number of infections.

However, the number of new infections and fatalities went down during the month of May and the country is relaxing some of its most rigid restrictions.

Dr  Zangrillo said that some experts had caused too much alarm about the possibility of the second wave of infections and politicians need to keep the new reality in mind. He said that, “the country needs to return to normality and someone needs to take responsibility for terrorising the country.”

However, the Italian Government has urged for caution and that it is still too early to declare victory. The Italian Health Ministry said that they are still waiting for scientific evidence to the theory that the virus has disappeared and asked those who are saying they are certain of this, not to confuse the Italian people.

Instead, the Health Ministry has urged for caution,  maintaining social distance,  avoiding large crowds, the wearing of masks and for people to wash their hands frequently.

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