Italian girl strangled to death 66 years ago to be buried today

Italian authorities have given permission for the funeral of a 13-year-old girl who was strangled 66 years ago.

Lucia Mantione was reported missing on 6 January 1955 and was found dead three days later.  Her autopsy revealed that she had been strangled with the Police believing that she tried to resist a man who was trying to rape her.

The parish priest of Montedero, where she used to live, refused to allow her funeral because at the time they did not used to be held for those who had died a violent death.

The authorities in Caltanissetta, the region in Sicily under which Montedero falls, re-opened the case and her remains were removed from the grave for forensic tests to be carried out again.

They then authorised for her funeral to be held today, 28 July.