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Italian Government allows 82 migrants to disembark in Lampedusa – pledges new policy on immigration

The new Italian Government allowed a French vessel carrying 82 migrants to enter Lampedusa port.

Foreign Affairs Minister Luigi di Maio, leader of Cinque Stelle movement and member of Italy’s coalition, said that the Ocean Viking vessel is being given access to Lampedusa after European countries agreed to share the migrants on board.

The vessel belongs to the French charitable organisation SOS Mediterranee and Medicines sans Frontier.

The new Italian government formally took over last week, pledging a new way how to treat immigration following the obstructive decisions taken by former Interior Minister Salvini who leads the Lega extreme right party.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that various EU member states agreed to share the African migrants on board the Ocean Viking.

The vessel had rescued the migrants off the Libyan coast earlier last week and requested Italy’s and Malta’s permission to have the migrants disembarked.

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