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Italian Parliament approves reforms to reduce number of seats in Parliament and Senate

The Italian Parliament has approved a long-awaited reform to reduce the number of seats in Parliament and the Senate.

The reform, which was approved by the House of Representatives, will see the total number of MPs in both houses going down from 945 to 600, which will mean that around 300,000 Euro will be saved every day.

Italy has the second highest number of MPs in Europe after the UK, with 630 Members of Parliament and 315 senators in the Senate. The reform is expected to come into affect following the next election scheduled for 2023 although there are more obstacles which need to be overcome, including the possibility of a referendum.

The reduction in the number of MPs was the main proposal by Moviment Cinque Stelle, although critics are warning that downsizing Parliament will adversely affect democratic representation.

Italian PM, Giuseppe Conte, has described this decision as a historic day for Italy.

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