Foreign Affairs
Italian Police arrest 19 suspects involved in migrants’ trafficking

Italian Police have arrested nineteen persons accused of migrants trafficking towards Europe. The traffickers allegedly transported immigrants from countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan to Italy and then towards other Northern European countries. The arrested persons include Iraqis, Kurds, Afghans and Italians.

The Police announced the operation following a two-year investigation during which it discovered a link between the suspects and traffickers in Turkey and Greece. The operation started being investigated when boats carrying immigrants started arriving in Siracuse, Sicily, in 2018. The Police stated that each immigrant paid some €6,000.

Prosecutors said that the immigrants were brought from Turkey and Greece to Italy on sailing boats which were either leased or stolen. The immigrants then traveled to the north of Europe and were given the opportunity to stay in Italy.

According to investigators, the trafficking of immigrants involved specific groups around the country, who had specific roles. Persons in Bari, in southern Italy, were responsible for the migrants’ accommodation and provided them with residence documents to move around the country.