Italian priest promises to return money from Church funds which he used to buy drugs

A 40-year-old priest who was arrested in Italy after he bought drugs using Church funds, has promise to return the money.

Dun Francesco Spagnesi is being accused of trafficking and importation of cocaine and the drug known as Gbl.

Italian police believe that the drugs were being used during sex parties.

From initial investigations it results that the priest passed the drugs to Alessio Regina, a man aged 40.

Regina was caught and arrested at the end of August for importing drugs from the Netherlands.

Through his lawyer Dun Spagnesi pleaded guilty that drugs made him betray the parishioners and described what he did as shameful.

“I will return the money I took to the Church and the parishioners. Everyone will get their money back. I will sell what I have including my mountain home. I apologise to everyone.”