Italian priest who sold drugs asks for three-year sentence

The 40-year-old priest who admitted to purchasing drugs with money from Church offerings is asking to be handed down a sentence of up to three years and eight months.

Don Francesco Spagnesi, who used to serve in Prato parish, had been charged with trafficking and importation of cocaine and drugs known as Gbl.

It resulted from investigations by Italian Police that the drugs were used in festivities characterised by sexual activities.

Fr Spagnesi admitted that the drugs had made him betray parishioners, and he described his behaviour as shameful.

“I will refund the monies to the Church and to parishioners. Everyone will get their money back. I will sell everything I own, including my mountain home. I apologise to everyone,” he declared.

The Attorney General said he agrees with the sentence; however, it is the Judge who has to finally agree.

The charge that the priest had infected a man with whom he had a relationship with a sexually transmitted disease was dropped after it resulted the man was not HIV positive.