Italian woman who was accidentally given six Pfizer doses recounts her difficult experience

A 23-year old Italian woman, who was given six Covid vaccine doses, says she is passing through difficult times and is not feeling well, physically and mentally.

Virginia Grilli was accidentally inoculated with the dose six times last May at the Noa di Massa hospital in Florence. A nurse had inadvertently inoculated her with a container that consisted of six doses and not one dose.

Grilli was administered with fluids and paracetamol to counter the doses effects.

The young woman told Italian media that she is not feeling well and that her life changed, however she appealed to persons to be vaccinated, wear the mask, and avoid gatherings in large numbers.

Grilli has another problem as authorities are refusing to issue her with a Green Pass. “No one wants to take responsibility and issue the Green Pass because I am a unique case”.

She warned of filing a case against the Health Ministry as without the pass she cannot attend the University of Pisa to resume her Psychology studies.