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Italy: 19 year old girl gives fatal blow to her father

In Italy, a 19 year old has been remanded in custody after murdering her 41 year old father who had a checkered history of domestic violence.

The murder could possibly be considered as having been committed in self-defense since at the time of the murder Lorenzo Sciacquatori was allegedly beating his daughter Deborah, her mother and her grandmother.

The case has sent shock waves throughout the Monterotondo Scalo community, who were aware of Lorenzo’s problems and his history of drinking and drug abuse as well as his numerous domestic violence reports.

Residents in the area who spoke to the media said that Deborah was an exemplary young woman, who studied and worked despite the problems of family background, which she never discussed.

Lorenzo Sciacquatori was a former boxing champion, but over the years had fallen victim to several addictions and vices and had many brushes with the law.

His daughter Deborah also loves boxing, and although initial reports have indicated that Lorenzo was killed with a knife, it was later confirmed that he died as a result of internal bleeding after being punched in the eye.

Deborah allegedly told police that she did not want to kill her father, and had punched him solely to protect her mother and grandmother while they were trying to escape from his clutches.

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