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Italy: “Persons like you deserve to die” – lesbian beaten up

Following the case in the UK of Charlie Graham – a female youth who was beaten up in a road due to her sexual orientation – another similar case occurred in Italy.

While she uploaded on the social media pictures of her smashed face, 30-year old Giulia Ventura from Potenza recounted how two young men assaulted her in a road and left her unconscious in a pool of blood.

Ventura stated that she was uncertain whether to recount the experience in public, but then decided to reveal the assault with the hope that such incidents to not recur.

Ventura recounted hearing someone shouting and saw two young men crossing the road and approach her. They started pushing her and when she fell on the ground, one of them told her: “People like you deserve to die. You want to be a man? I’ll show you how men beat others”.

At this moment he punched her in the face, however she managed to stand up and head butted one of them. The two resumed with the assault and kicked her repeatedly until she was unconscious.

Venture questioned the reason why her sexual orientation is a political issue and expressed regret that this mentality still exists today. “What you did to me should never be repeated to any other person”, Ventura said.