Italy: Senegalese migrant arrested after the murder of an American woman

The Italian Police arrested a Senegalese illegal migrant in connection with the murder of Ashley Olsen, the American woman who was found dead in her Florence apartment a few days ago.

The principal prosecutor of the city, Giuseppe Creazzo said that the police found serious evidence that points to the migrant. Creazzo told a press conference that the Senegalese, Diao Cheik Tidianee, met 35-year old Olsen in a local entertainment establishment before the two made consensual sex at her apartment under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs, before the migrant killed her.

The Florence prosecutor said that the man born in 1988 “was not known to the Italian police, had no criminal record and arrived in Italy some months ago to join his brothers who had been in Italy for some years”.

Ashley Olsen was found dead last Friday in her apartment with scratches and bruises on her neck but the autopsy showed that she had fractures on her head that might have been fatal.

Creazzo said that during a long interrogation, Tidianne made a substantial admission on the reconstruction that prosecutors made on how the events unfolded.

Witnesses and security cameras confirmed that the migrant and Olsen left the Montecarla establishment and entered her apartment together. Creazzo said that Tidiane took Olsen’s mobile and instead placed his sim card in it.

But the best evidence came from Tidiane DNA taken from a contraceptive and a cigarette piece found in the apartment that matched with the DNA found under Olsen’s nails.

The Italian prosecutor said that the autopsy confirmed that Olsen was killed after being strangled but also showed she suffered other injuries that caused her death. Tidianee is in prison charged with murder charges aggravated by cruelty.

Olsen had been living in Italy as her father has links with the artistic scene and she worked as a teacher. It was her boyfriend who informed the police with the case when he contacted the apartment’s owner to give him access to her flat as he had not seen the American for three days.