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IVF: Six month extension for those who are of maximum age

IVF procedures are currently frozen due to COVID19.  The head of the Embryo Protection Authority said that measures have been taken so that those who are of maximum age in which they can fall pregnant through IVF will be given a six month extension.

IVF services provided by Mater Dei and private clinics have been suspended due to the pandemic.

Simone Attard the head of the Embryo Protection Authority, told Television Malta that the authority has proceeded with caution in order not to continue creating emotional suffering for those who have started these procedures.

“Those who had already started the process, where we could do oside picking, in other words, collecting the eggs from the woman, these procedures have all been allowed to continue. The last procedure was carried out on 1 April. However, we have not started any new procedures.  For those who had already started the process, we have frozen the gametes and the embryos and as soon as COVID19 passes, the procedure will continue”, said Simone Attard.

Mrs Attard said that the authority realises that this is a difficult time for those who were going through IVF. She added that among other things it has extended the time frame for women who will turn 43 by the end of this year so that they can still have IVF.

Those women who by the end of December will be of maximum age,  will have an extension of another six months, so that after COVID 19 ends, they can have the procedure and would not have missed their chance to have children in the future.

The head of the authority said that it was offering counselling services to these couples through a special telephone line on  25951650 or 25951651.

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