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Commissioner for Standards delves into allegations that some MPs helped in criminal activity to remove current PN Leader

The Leader of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, said that at the opportune moment there will be a change in Opposition Spokespersons. Interviewed during the programme ‘Dissett’, Dr Delia responded to questions about PN proposals for the Budget, his Leadership and other ongoing political developments.

The Commissioner for Standards, Dr George Hyzler has investigated allegations made by the former head of PN media, Pierre Portelli, who in his letter of resignation mentioned criminal activity by some members of the PN’s Parliamentary Group aimed at removing Dr Delia from the Party Leadership. This was revealed by Adrian Delia during the programme.

He said he had been called by the Commissioner on the same matters and had responded he did not have any knowledge of criminal activity and would he to have any knowledge he would take immediate steps. He said that Portelli does not have a function in the Party and is no longer involved in its media.

Asked why Simon Busuttil still does not have a Shadow Cabinet portfolio, Dr Delia indicated he intends to carry out a re-shuffle. He said a lot has yet to be done for a realignment of the Parliamentary Group.

Asked whether he intends to carry out a re-shuffle, Dr Delia said these have perforce to be carried out from time to time.

Regarding reforms in the rental sector before 1995 Dr Delia said he does not want rents to continue rising and the Government cannot legislate retroactively.

Asked whether he wanted this to change he replied absolutely not. He said NGOs are making reference to something which he had not said and is not included in the legislation.

When asked about the low attendance during the Independence celebrations meeting, the PN Leader said that mass meetings are not the most important factor in politics.

He said that media communications and a mass meeting are not the only pulse because there are other means of communications that have to be adapted; changes are needed and these have to be understood and if the message is that change is needed, then change has to be implemented. He said the PN has yet to carry out many changes.

The programme ‘Dissett’ also dealt with the consultation process being led by Louis Galea. Dr Delia said the uncomfortable decisions referred to in the latest speech at the Party’s General Council will be taken after consultation comes to an end at the end of this month. Asked about who should be in the Public Inquiry Board into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the PN Leader said it is not his duty to nominate members but stressed this should be done in consultation with the family.

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