Warning of increased gambling and betting on EURO 2020 football matches

While the enthusiasm for the Euro 2020 football finals is ever-growing after two weeks of played matches, there are those who are further attracted to betting as to which team will be Champions, the results of matches etc. The Foundation for Responsible Gaming is appealing to all to retain self-control and not fall into the vice of excessive betting and thus suffer repercussions to the lifestyle of themselves and their families.

Foundation Official, Kayne Said, told TVM some are falling prone to the temptation of betting and thus becoming addicted to the betting vice.

He said competitions like these lead to greater betting and although it cannot be said that this competition and others boost betting but the temptation is always present.

Said went on to state that technological means facilitate limits being exceeded and induce people to take greater risks in the hope of winning or at least retrieving their stake.

He said that nowadays technology is so advanced one does not have to be in a casino to gamble but may do so from home.

We asked whether at times such as this some persons addicted to the gambling vice overlook their basic family and work needs. Said replied that said this may be the case to trap further persons into the grips of a gambling addiction.

Although he did not specify the numbers of telephone calls the Foundation is receiving he said there is a considerable problem throughout the country. He added this problem does not only affect a particular strata of the community but the open access to gambling continues to aggravate the situation.

The Foundation for Responsible Gaming offers various services for those who experience having falling into a gaming addiction, including a service to help complete forms to exclude themselves from gambling outlets while the Foundation’s helpline is open on social media 24/7.

Persons may also seek help and support on the chatline www.rgf.org.mt and through calling 1777 which are operative 24/7.