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Jail for pilot found unconscious in cockpit after drinking bottle of vodka

Miroslav Gronych, a pilot with Sunning airlines, has been sent to eight months in jail after he was found unconscious in the plane’s cockpit on New Year’s Eve, after drinking a bottle of vodka. Gronych, a 37-year-old Slovakian national, was meant to fly the plane from Calgary, Canada to Cancun, Mexico  but was found to have three times the limit of alcohol in his bloodstream.

The Canadian Court heard how Gronych, the father of two small children, entered the cockpit slurring his speech and swaying as he walked. The co-pilot suggested that he should leave, and while Grinch listened to him, he then came back into the cockpit, lay down on the seat and passed out. The defence attorney told the Court that Grinch had drunk a few shots and taken Tylenol for a cold before he went to sleep the night before.

Gronych was fired immediately, but after the Court found him guilty he was also sentenced to eight months in prison, and had his pilot’s licence suspended for a year. The Court also ordered the pilot to be deported after serving his sentence.