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James Bond, a circus and old route buses under one roof

The exhibition hall at Monte Carmeli Hospital has been converted into a show-window for miniature model collectors with exhibits varying from hand-made old route buses to a collection of James Bond cars.

The exhibition is being mounted by the Die Cast & Scale Model Society and the collection of all sorts of models is open to public viewing, including models of sports cars, commercial vehicles as well as old Maltese route buses.

The models are the work of 34 of the society’s members with one of the main features being the model of a circus.

Alan Saliba, the society’s President, explained that the model of the circus had been started by his father in 1995 but after he died he had continued the work because he knew how close the model had been to his father’s heart.

Saliba said his father had introduced him to the hobby, which hobby he had adopted following a visit to England where such model-making is a highly popular pastime.

We spoke to Justin Schembri who has a collection of old route buses. He said the hobby occupies his time and keeps him away from from other habits that could become vices because the hobby gives him a lot of satisfaction once a work has been completed, although he admitted it occupies a lot of his time.

An interesting collection is that of Mario Grech, one of the members who has the most models connected to James Bond. He said it all started in 1977 when he saw a James Bond film. He said his collection includes vehicles but these are all somehow connected to James Bond.

The exhibition will remain open until Tuesday.